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More Cash

The markets have proven quite resilient despite continued concerns surrounding bombs dropped in Syria and most recently Afghanistan.  A failed health care reform bill wasn’t enough to derail the bull nor was tonight’s upcoming election in France, which may prove to be the start of the next great EU exit. The Dow finished Friday at … Continue reading More Cash

Welcome to Washington Mr. Trump

Markets were on edge this week as Trump’s health care overhaul was projected to fall short of the required votes needed to pass the house. Thursday was the originally scheduled vote; but, it was clear that Trump did not have enough supporters; so, once again, the vote was delayed until Friday. On Thursday evening, an … Continue reading Welcome to Washington Mr. Trump

The More Things Change….

This afternoon I had a lull in the action. Like millions of others I popped onto FaceBook to catch up with the comings and goings of 600 of my closest friends. Pffftt. Within seconds I saw the following ad. I have blocked out the company / website / promoter as to not draw any more … Continue reading The More Things Change….

Game on for Inflation

You may be wondering why commodities, particularly gold and silver ramped after yesterday’s FOMC rate hike. In fact, maybe you’re wondering why gold and silver are still even traded, much less adding 6% and 9% respectively for the year. Doesn’t conventional economic wisdom state that; when the Fed is tightening, aka raising rates, this is … Continue reading Game on for Inflation

What We Can Learn from Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman was a billionaire activist investor and head of legendary fund Pershing Square. I say was because I’m not sure if the value still holds after his recent losing position in Valient Pharmaceuticals where he rode down the position by more than 90%, selling out for a total loss to him and investors of … Continue reading What We Can Learn from Bill Ackman

Partial Bank Sale – 9% Cash

As much as I love the financial trade, it’s crowded. Unlike other larger trends developing, semis, basic materials, it seems that every manager I know is loaded in the financials. The trade makes a ton of sense. We’re in a rising rate, deregulation environment. The banks, which are already printing money, now can print even … Continue reading Partial Bank Sale – 9% Cash

Newton’s First Law

Jesse Livermore was one of the greatest investors who ever lived. After building up a small fortune from scratch, he capitalized on that cash in 1929 netting $100MM.There is a passage in Reminiscences of a Stock Operator when the great Jesse Livermore recalls a lesson that took him decades to appreciate. As I look back … Continue reading Newton’s First Law

CSCO Shines

In 2013 I showcased three stocks that I thought were ripe for moves higher. See post HERE. These three boring but beautiful stocks had all the makings of stodgy names just waiting to be discovered. Two out of the three have come to fruition with one being still my favorite and best opportunity I see … Continue reading CSCO Shines

Inflation Train

Yesterday we saw home sales numbers come in lower than expected. The market was anticipating existing home sales in the month of December to be 5.52M with a month over month decline of 1.6%. Reports showed a deeper slowdown however with 5.49M homes sold and a month over month decline of 2.8%. At first glance … Continue reading Inflation Train

Stop Trying to Time the Market!

One of the biggest downfalls of the common investor is to try to time the stock market. Typically, this correlates with market price and a bias surrounding previous bear market declines. For instance, at this present moment, while the Dow approaches historic highs of 20,000, most assume that market participation is at all time highs … Continue reading Stop Trying to Time the Market!