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5 Reasons Stocks Could Go Higher

  Listen on Stitcher: HERE   Covered in this episode of Tape Talk Radio: Why you aren’t a Bitcoin gazillionaire. Stocks break-out to new highs. Five reasons the market is going higher. Padres finally break their losing streak.  

Bear Market or Opportunity?

    Covered in this episode of Tape Talk Radio: Market hits a speed bump, time for the red flag to be raised? Rotation is the name of the game. What’s up with the FANG stocks? The market punishes Cisco for guidance and more layoffs.  

Under the Hood with FCAU

Sometimes boring is beautiful. Traders seem to be too caught up with either calling the top in the NASDAQ or finding the next NVIDIA that they miss great opportunities staring them straight in the face. Take Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) for instance. From a fundamental perspective, despite a recent run from around $5.00 this time last … Continue reading Under the Hood with FCAU

Preparing the Shopping List

Whether it was political scandal an overzealous fed, another European blowup or a North Korean missile, a real pullback was inevitable. US markets haven’t seen a real drop in over a year since those pesky Brits decided to vote out of the EU. Rather than jumping full burlap into the bear camp, take a moment … Continue reading Preparing the Shopping List

Know Thy Stocks

    Covered in this episode of Tape Talk Radio: This week Daniel and Quint break down some key stocks and how important it is to understand what’s under the hood! First though the headlines. Comey, Russia, North Korea, and the VIX. What does it mean for the market this summer? Tesla taking solar roof … Continue reading Know Thy Stocks

Dividend Trap: Mattel

In a world of low interest rates, many investors have become fed-up with next to nothing yields on bonds. These investors have turned to dividend stocks to find their income. While dividend stocks have a place, one must be certain to look beyond yield. It’s only by doing this that one can analyze the true … Continue reading Dividend Trap: Mattel

Wait, What?? FaceBook

Thursday I appeared on CNBC to take the bullish side of FaceBook. While I never advocate buying ahead of earnings I made sure to try and weave in the strategy for what I thought could happen once the stock reported a few minutes after the segment ended. Here’s a more in-depth review of what I … Continue reading Wait, What?? FaceBook

Trading, Real Estate and Craws Oh MY!

    Covered in this episode of Tape Talk Radio: Is the real estate market too hot to handle? With special guest Kelly Karls What’s happening in the market? With wall street trader Frank Zorilla Earnings news, buy the sizzle, sell the steak.  

More Cash

The markets have proven quite resilient despite continued concerns surrounding bombs dropped in Syria and most recently Afghanistan.  A failed health care reform bill wasn’t enough to derail the bull nor was tonight’s upcoming election in France, which may prove to be the start of the next great EU exit. The Dow finished Friday at … Continue reading More Cash

Welcome to Washington Mr. Trump

Markets were on edge this week as Trump’s health care overhaul was projected to fall short of the required votes needed to pass the house. Thursday was the originally scheduled vote; but, it was clear that Trump did not have enough supporters; so, once again, the vote was delayed until Friday. On Thursday evening, an … Continue reading Welcome to Washington Mr. Trump