Failure to Plan is Not an Option


– Fact Finding

– Plan Development

– Plan Presentation

– Review Recommendations

– Plan Implementation

– Ongoing Plan Revisions

– Communication & Education


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What is the rate of return you need to achieve so that you will not run out of money?

Sadly, most cannot answer this simple yet extremely important question. It is only after you determine the rate of return needed that you can even begin to structure an investment portfolio.

At the heart of this question lies an actual financial plan, which most people fail to construct for a variety of reasons. At Tatro Capital we work tirelessly from the very beginning of our relationship, so that we can develop the proper financial plan catered to meet the goals you’ve set forth.


Step 1 – LIFE Plan Questionnaire

Our process begins by completing our LIFE plan questionnaire. This confidential, fact finding document helps us to analyze such things as your current balance sheet, liquidity position, cash flow needs, future tax liabilities and retirement income needs. Once completed we use the data to complete a drafted multi-page, hard cover, bound plan which we sit down and walk you through. Read more about our LIFE plans HERE.


Step 2 – Plan Presentation

Whether it is in our office, or via a conference call or web interface, the plan presentation is something we take very seriously. It is our goal through this time to educate our clients on precisely how their financial plan looks and what it says in plain english. Our primary objective with this plan is to evaluate the goals and timeframes established by the client making sure to give suggestions along the way.


Step 3 – Recommendations & Implementation

At the conclusion of the plan presentation we will review with each client our recommendations based purely on the desires and goals set forth from the very begining. Often we find that an individual’s life goals to not correlate with their current investment allocation, savings rate or overall balance sheet. At times these can be tough conversations as we seek to present the truth in an unbiased and purely fiduciary fashion. Often we find that those closest to retirement have not yet even begun to explore the methods by which income will be distributed to them.


Step 4 – Ongoing Plan Revision

A true financial plan is not stagnant but rather a living breathing document which is adjusted and adapted when your life changes. Depending on each client’s situation we take great pride in revising and updating financial plans on an as needed basis. Typically, prior to retirement these plans can be updated every two years with a plan being updated a few months prior to retirement and immediately thereafter. Upon retirement we seek to update and review a financial plan on an annual basis making sure you’re comfortable with all the current goals, objectives and strategies.


Step 5 – Communication & Education

Our best client is the one who can educatedly speak about their own financial future and the finite steps they are taking to achieve their goals. At Tatro Capital we reach out to our clients at minimum each quarter to simply touch base and see how you are doing. We can honestly say that never have we ever heard from a client that our communication is lacking. Through this communication in addition to our periodic newsletters and client correspondence it is our goal to educate you about not only the present day economics but also our firm philosophies and why. We want our clients to understand our thinking and feel comfortable with who they have partnered with to achieve their financial goals.