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Investment Management

For centuries select individuals have been successfully navigating the financial markets understanding the intricacies of what moves a market over shorter durations such as weeks and months. While fundamental analysis and corporate valuation will always prevail over longer time periods such as decades, markets often remain irrational and volatile, ebbing and flowing based on nothing more than human emotion and the key variables that will always be present; fear and greed. It has often been said that market’s cannot be ‘timed’ however those making this broad unsubstantiated argument do not take into consideration basic rules that may assist individuals with proper money management.

At Tatro Capital we are not afraid of the word ‘Sell’ and we will often use cash as our best hedge against market volatility or market loss. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on an active management style that always seeks to capitalize on the markets irrationality. On a daily basis Tatro Capital scans thousands upon thousands of stocks, gaining an understanding for what is happening under the surface such as sector relative strength, market leadership and general market direction. Once we determine key individual stocks we look for themes that may allow us to benefit on a broader market move, up or down. When this is determined we will seek to enter trades ensuring the proper diversification and liquidity.


Keys to Investment Success


Over the years investment themes have come and gone, while five basic tenets have remained consistent. At Tatro Capital, we take these tenets very seriously as they provide the foundation for which we build upon and manage our client’s financial assets. We realize that without all five investment variables in place, an individual runs the risk of significantly altering their financial future and missing the goal set forth from the beginning.

Selecting an advisor in today’s world of provocative and enticing investment themes has become an increasingly challenging task. At Tatro Capital, we do not trumpet a new or unique style of investing; rather, we simply adhere to basic methods that have been proven to meet financial goals since the earliest days of the capital markets.

We are honored you have chosen to begin the due diligence process and are considering working with us. We view the client / advisor relationship as a very serious one. Should you believe that Tatro Capital may be right for you, we look forward to discussing this relationship further in the near future. Furthermore, we hope that the following information helps you to understand how we work with clients and may assist you in your decision making process.


Risk Tolerance

Each individual possess their own unique risk tolerance, which is crucial to not only explore but to also diligently adhere to when proceeding with an investment strategy.

Financial markets follow cyclical patterns and often advance for a number of years, and then retreat for a number of years.  Furthermore, financial markets occasionally experience significant and unforeseen corrections, the most recent being the September 11th World Trade Center crisis, which negatively affected all financial markets immediately and for several months thereafter.

The extent to which one’s portfolio will participate in the cycle will always be determined by that individual’s tolerance for risk. Investors, who understand that financial markets are cyclical in nature, and that financial crises will take place, achieve their desired financial goals while exposing assets within a comfortable framework, laid out in the beginning by determining the appropriate risk tolerance.


Investment Frameworks

Stable Value  |  Conservative  |  Balanced  |  Moderately Aggressive  |  Aggressive

An investor will discover that his goals, unique personality and past experience are instrumental in developing a risk tolerance. Determining the individual investor’s risk tolerance is a primary foundational step in determining proper portfolio asset allocation. Once risk tolerance has been determined, an individual can be classified within one of the risk framework categories, an important step in the investment strategy process.


Asset Allocation

Sometimes, old sayings such as “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” possess such simple yet profound morsels of wisdom that investors dare not overlook.

One of the most basic, yet ignored, principals of successful investing is properly allocating investments among different asset classes. Asset allocation is commonly mistaken with diversification however the two are quite different.

At Tatro Capital, when we discuss Asset Allocation we are referring to the blend between fixed asset classes, such as bonds, and variable asset classes, such as stocks and real estate. Not only is it important to properly define this investment tenet, but it is also crucial to implement and adhere to this strategy in order to achieve the desired results.

Once an individual’s risk tolerance has been determined and matched with an investment category, a target asset allocation is determined and the investment process is set into motion.

The categories of asset allocations are as follows:


  • 100% Fixed Investments including Cash, CD’s, Government and Corporate Bonds

Moderately Conservative:

  • 70% Fixed Investments including Cash, CD’s, Government and Corporate Bonds
  • 30% Exposure to the current Tatro Capital all equity allocation


  • 50% Fixed Investments including Cash, CD’s, Government and Corporate Bonds
  • 50% Exposure to the current Tatro Capital all equity allocation

Moderately Aggressive:

  • 30% Fixed Investments including Cash, CD’s, Government and Corporate Bonds
  • 70% Exposure to the current Tatro Capital all equity allocation


  • 100% Exposure to the current Tatro Capital all equity allocation


TC_PieChart transparent


As financial markets move through normal and healthy business cycles, variable asset classes become both more attractive and less attractive. While one may be able to improve investment results attempting to determine the business cycle we are in and allocating investments accordingly, it has been proven that with proper diversification or exposure to a multiple number of variable asset classes, not only can individuals improve results, but they can also significantly reduce portfolio volatility.

At Tatro Capital, we take diversification very seriously and pursue a rigorous process of selecting the proper variable asset classes, and determining the prudent exposure to each. This allocation is called the Tatro Capital All Equity Allocation, and is diversified among such variable asset classes as large and small capitalized domestic companies, international and emerging markets, as well as potential exposure to specific areas such as Biotechnology or Utility companies.

The following is an example of a properly diversified, equity allocation model.

TC_PieChart2 transparent

Once the Tatro Capital All Equity Allocation has been determined, an individual is exposed to this in direct correlation to their categorical asset allocation, which was determined by their risk tolerance.



Over time as a portfolio is exposed to the natural fluctuations that occur within financial markets, the asset allocation and diversified nature of the portfolio will also change. Due to the historical truth that at different times, different asset classes will outperform others, it is extremely important for a portfolio to be rebalanced in order to achieve the desired allocation.

TC_Rebalance transparent

On an annual basis, or more frequently if needed, Tatro Capital manually rebalances each portfolio by calculating the current allocation and adjusting the exposure accordingly.



Entering into a relationship with an investment advisor should not be taken lightly, and the success of an investment strategy can only be determined after navigating a series of financial market cycles. Unfortunately, while it would be wonderful to experience success immediately, this is not always the case. Prudent and disciplined investors can, however, significantly improve results if they remain patient while diligently adhering to the developed plan.

Unfortunately, most advisors don’t have a proper plan in place and individuals are sent wandering through the financial landscape without a guide. While the development of such a plan is crucial, allowing adequate time for this plan to work is also vitally important.

Tatro Capital seeks to build solid business relationships with those who are looking to partner with a firm for a long term commitment. We are fully aware and accept the fact that the financial markets will change positively and negatively. We also understand the proper time allotment that allows us to assist individuals in meeting their desired goals.